Amadgaran Group (Logistics & Supply Chain Management) accompanied by a leading professor, with more than three decades experience in top management of the insurance industry, has now added “Insurance” to its services along with one of the most reputable insurance agents in the country.

Some of the features of insurance services coverage through this collection:

  • Ready to provide full coverage of commercial & General insurance services (including personal, medical, liability, property insurance, etc.)
  • Providing free insurance consulting services during the coverage period
  • Providing the most economical and professional insurance services package based on customer needs
  • Concluding an insurance contract with all insurance companies and choosing the best solution according to the service level of the insurance company and the customer’s preference
  • Accompanying one of the leading professors and managers of the insurance industry with more than three decades of experience in top management in the insurance industry
  • Designing special insurance coverage for logistics and supply chain industry