About Amadgaran

Founded in 2019, “Amadgaran Supply Chain Management Group” is a private consulting, training, media, marketing, and research group managed by a group of highly experienced Iranian professionals of logistics and supply chain management (SCM).
Our services are mostly centered on logistics, supply chains and business networks and span seven edges,Open to any international cooperation and collaboration:

  1. Research
  2. Training
  3. Consulting
  4. Events
  5. Marketing
  6. Software solutions
  7. Media
  8. 4PL services (Logistics service provider).

We are also a “media and marketing platform” in Iran with the largest network in the field of logistics and SCM (both logistics service providers and logistics users) and complete package of media products (monthly journal, weekly e-newsletter, website, email network, social networks).
Also, as we are a well-known brand in logistics and we have the largest database of logistics companies and logistics customers in Iran;
We are a pioneer in designing “logistics centers” in Iran and we work with a professional consortium of companies: constructing warehouses and distribution centers.
“Iran Journal of Logistics & Supply Chain” is one of our well-known media products.
We are actively seeking collaboration with international companies that are willing to share their experiences and knowledge in logistics and SCM projects while benefiting from Iran’s emerging market.

Our Vision

  • Becoming a specialized company providing logistics services and fourth-party logistics (4PL) in Iran and the region
  • Becoming a reference point in the field of “logistics and supply chain” of Iran and the region
  • Becoming an important center in the field of logistics training and supply chain management in Iran and the region

Our Mission

  • Help to improve the logistics position in Iran and help to develop supply chains
  • Introducing and developing the logistics market and logistics capacities of Iran and Iranian companies in the international arena
  • Establish proper and efficient communication between logistics service providers and applicants
  • Establish proper and useful relationship between the country’s logistics industry and the university
  • Assist in the connection and cooperation of Iranian companies in global supply chains

Our Goals

  • Establish a proper link between players and stakeholders in the field of logistics and supply chain
  • A leader in introducing logistics and supply chain topics
  • Interaction and cooperation with industry owners, institutions, universities and internal and international institutions
  • Endeavor to improve and enhance the position of the logistics industry in the country
  • Introducing the players and the Iranian logistics market to international businesses
  • Contributing to the development and excellence of the logistics industry and supply chains in Iran and the countries of the region
  • Training experts in the field of logistics and supply chain
  • Creating a network of elites and specialists in the field of logistics and supply chain
  • Disseminate and promote logistics and supply chain knowledge
  • Effective presence in the decision-making and implementation process in the logistics and supply chain of the country

Establishment a proper and useful relationship between the logistics industry and the university

Our Main Focuses

  • To stimulate and support logistics and SCM research projects adapted to real-world applications arising in Iranian industries,
  • Organizing and holding scientific and professional conferences, events, seminars, meetings and exhibitions,
  • Services on management, research, consulting, training, and educating
  • Media activities including publishing journals and newsletters, web-based services such as professional file sharing, social networking, etc
  • Developing and promoting logistics, supply chain management, and business networks knowledge
  • Collaborating with Iranian industries and research institutions as well as international organization and industries
  • Serving as an active partner of world-known international consultants and industries in Iran,
  • Conducting comprehensive feasibility study from different perspectives (financial and technical) regarding logistics, SCM, and business networks,
  • Managing and supervising real-world logistics, SCM, and business network projects and programs
  • Designing, planning and holding related short-term courses and educational services
  • Designing and developing logistics standards in Iran
  • Development of decision-making support systems related to logistics, supply chain management, and business networks
  • E-commerce activities
  • Designing, measuring, analyzing, and issuing logistics and supply chain indices and metrics
  • Communicating and cooperating with Iranian and International scientist and professionals working on logistics, SCM, and business networks.

Our Team


Mojtaba Soleimani Sedehi


Hossein Abbasi


Masoumeh Mousa


Samaneh Hosseini


Sahar Matinfard


Hamid Mirzaei

IT & Marketing Expert

Melika Mousavi


Atieh Izadi